What to See in Buenos Aires in a Week

Image bykevin dooley

Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, is a vibrant city known for its rich culture, tango music and dance, and delicious cuisine. If you have a week to explore this dynamic city, here are some top attractions you shouldn't miss:

1. Plaza de Mayo

Start your trip by visiting Plaza de Mayo, the historic heart of Buenos Aires. This square is surrounded by important buildings such as the Casa Rosada (Presidential Palace) and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Don't miss the opportunity to see the iconic May Pyramid and take a stroll around the square.

2. La Boca

Explore the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, known for its famous Caminito street lined with brightly painted buildings. This area is also home to the Boca Juniors stadium, where you can catch a football match if you're a sports enthusiast.

3. Recoleta Cemetery

Visit the Recoleta Cemetery, a unique burial ground that is the final resting place of many notable Argentinians, including Eva Perón. Wander through the mausoleums and marvel at the elaborate architecture of this historic cemetery.

4. Teatro Colon

Take a guided tour of Teatro Colon, one of the world's most prestigious opera houses. Admire the grand architecture of this historic building and learn about its rich history and cultural significance.

5. Palermo Soho

Shop and dine in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Soho, known for its chic boutiques, art galleries, and diverse dining options. Explore the vibrant street art and unique shops in this bohemian district.

With so much to see and do in Buenos Aires, a week may not be enough to fully explore all the city has to offer. However, these top attractions will give you a taste of the vibrant culture and history of this fascinating city.